Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Best Sloppy Joes


These are seriously the best Sloppy Joes ever!

I’ve made this recipe since the boys were little.  My friend, Susan, a neighbor when we lived in Denver in the 80’s, gave it to me and it has remained a family favorite ever since. 

It’s always been a Halloween tradition at our house, Sloppy Joes and Potato Chips.  We were, as all of you back in the day, in a rush to get the kids out the door to trick-or-treat, so the tradition began because it was easy and quick.

My daughter-in-law, Deanna just posted this on her The Harris Sisters blog, and it reminded me that I needed to post it as well.  And the picture, Deanna scanned this from a cookbook I made for the boys of my recipes several years ago.

This is so good, if you are a Sloppy Joe lover like we are at our house, give this a try and see if you don’t love it as well.  The best part, simple ingredients that you have in your cupboard and fridge…

Enjoy ~ jan


Bunny said...

sIt doesn't say but I suppose it's one lb of ground beef?


Moi ~ My family says I have no filter. I open my mouth and say stupid things, I've always been this way... said...

Yes, Elizabeth, it's one pound of ground beef. I usually make it with two pounds, and but don't double the liquid ingredients, just increase them by one-half.

You don't want too much water, it will be soupy and you will have to cook it down.

Hope you enjoy this recipe, it's so good. My husband likes for me to put his sloppy joe on the bottom bun, then put a slice of Velveeta on top of the sloppy joe and nuke it for a few seconds to melt it before adding the top bun. So good!