Thursday, February 11, 2010

Old Timey Posset, to put you to sleep

This is my friend Carlene’s version of a night time drink designed to put one to adult baby bottle, so to speak.  This is what she had to say about this recipe.  ~ jan

It's very great..and it is open to interpretations and variations..  Lots of alcohol is not good...just a tasting of it..a egg in it.  The old timey recipe , I think, called for whipping the egg into a froth..spices and wine...heated  milk...   I added the pat of butter, just because it is so tasty...sometimes, I leave it out, but I prefer it in.   Don't drink it if you are not ready to go to sleep or at least lie down and'll be out in no time...

1 C milk...or Soy or Almond or Rice
1 t sugar to taste...or a substitute like Splenda, or none at all if it's your thing
some spice...can be a dash of Allspice or pumpkin pie spice or apple pie spice or Mace or Cardamom
a grind or two of nutmeg...... a bit of citrus flavoring or a small amt. of zest of lemon/orange/lime/Clementine
a splash of good vanilla extract
a pat of butter....or ...not
A T of California Sherry or any sherry or a rum or bourbon, etc....but, not's not an alcoholic's just for flavor...mine taste like a light eggnog, without the egg.  It's a 'comfort' flavor...a bit like egg custard flavor...but more adult...

Heat the milk with the items that YOU would like....eliminate or add, to your taste.   I usually pour the hot mixture thru a tea strainer to get rid of the grit of the nutmeg and zest particles, etc.

NOW...go to bed... and drink this down , not HOT/HOT necessarily, but at a good warm's just fine as it is, but IF you are especially achy..or after shoveling you 'expect' to be...take 2 Advil or other anti-inflammatory with will sleep like a baby......

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